Our Story

Footsy Fresh is a family remedy that was passed down from my father to me in the early 80's.
He used it in his army boots in the 1920's and graciously passed his remedy down to me for his own sake!
Dad couldn't stand living under the same roof with my foot odour (aka rotten feet) any longer.

After years of family and friends urging me to help others in the same predicament, …..here you have it!
My gift to you!

With Footsy Fresh:
- you can now take your shoes off in a car or on a plane
- no more smelling your own feet while sitting at your desk
- no more having to throw your shoes away
- no more having to leave your shoes outside the front door
- no more turning your shoes upside down when you kick them off at a friend's house

And then we added another ingredient and found it worked in hockey equipment!

With Hockey Fresh:
- it can be used in skates, gloves, helmets, and on all pads
- best used on skin at the same time with the equipment usage

Welcome to the world of clean smelling feet and sports equipment.
Welcome to the world of Footsy Fresh & Hockey Fresh.

Thanks Dad

Footsy fresh